First Chow sketch

Decided to finally join for a Chow round over at The topic this week is the Cheshire Cat, and this is what I got so far. Crits would be appreciated :D

Update: Starting throwin in some values, and adding small character things

Another update! Fixed the arm, and starting throwin in colors.

Update: Details! And being absolutly clueless about what I'm doing!

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Aarti said...

I like the nutty look so far. However, what makes this Alice's Cheshire Cat? As the topic is so distinctively linked to the story, you should add some other Alice elements to show that off more. Playcards, white and red roses, white rabbits and clocks.... Try to incorporate stuff like that into this pic, else you're running into the danger of having drawn just another random catgirl. Push it a li'l more!