Hoodie girlie

Stone age dwarf rawr

Another 20 minutes sketch in the train. Yay trains! Why a dwarf? Because chicks dig half naked dwarves! HARHAR!

Train sketching

Just a few sketches done while travelling and being about.

Train troll

Just a quick sketch from the train today while going home. A very shaky train... I guess thats the excuse for the weak structure and all the errors :)

2 girlies!

Two girls and no cup! Been a while since I had the time to really draw again, and its noticable. So here 2 semi-nice girls with loads of flaws. Next ones ... flawless... I hope

Stories of Nanoverse

For my graduation project I needed to make an extra booklet with 2 stories about characters in the Nanoverse universe. These are some of the speedpaintings I made for that booklet to fill up the empty spaces, and to create a mood for project.

Oh and I passed the project at last! 6 months of school left.

more stuff

Grad Project things

Some art for my grad project

Yay for Daft Punk and a wacom :D

girlie thingy