Hans got a job! His mum got him to work for the butcher where he would be in the freezer, preparing the meat to go into the store. When his mum was done telling about his new job, she pulled out a small little present. Hans quickly unwrapped the shiny paper and found the cutest little bunny keychain you ever saw. Hans quickly ran off to the shed in the backyard, found a large nail and a hammer, and bam! He nailed the keychain in his hand. That way he would never loose the bunny, since he is so clumsy.

The next morning he ran to the butcher’s shop. Eagerly to get to work he bursts inside, only to meet the confused look of the butcher. After a brief moment of silence the butcher blinked his eyes and said “Boy, where are your pants?”

(( A short story wich I made up while sketching on the train. Just trying to get some more experience with writing, I’m a sucky writer with my own language and doing it in English will make it worse. But I think it is a skill I need to practice, so expect more little stories from me ^^))

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Matt Berger said...

Yay. Short stories are always fun to read. :) Make the art more interesting. Chairs!